Power black out: The Kainji Hydroelectric Dam has burst

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    Power black out: The Kainji Hydroelectric Dam has experienced a sudden burst which could lead to blackouts in some Nigerian states.

    The embankments of the Kainji dam, one of Nigeria’s hydro-power stations caved in after the opening of the four spillway gates to free surplus water caused by heavy rains. Kainji Dam is a dam across the Niger River in Niger State of Central Nigeria.

    On Sunday, there were news going round that the dam opened at a point and water is running out more than it should said the management, Mainstream Energy Solution Limited.

    “We opened the 4 spillway gates because of the water pressure. Now, it is hitting the embarkment and will continue to expand if not reinforced. The embarkment is falling, rocks are falling into the water”, an official disclosed the information.

    Authorities and the firm have shut down the hydro-power station for repairs and will take about 760MW of electricity off the national grid.

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